Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

It's sad when your life isn't interesting enough to have anything to write, and its been two weeks since my last post. In the last two weeks What have i done? Nothing really, I have just been boring and un-interesting. The only thing that I ever do that is enjoyable is fish and if you've posted about it once you've posted about it a million times. But the water has been very nice over the last few days and psych let out a bit early yesterday. So Greg and two of my other classmates and I went down to get in the ocean. From the island road, 1200 ft up, the water appeared as glass, so SMOOTH! We went down and as we got by the water's edge we could see that off the sore 50 ft the ocean was amazingly nice. But there was a weird break happening. The water around the shore would just start to regress and then a big wave would just form from nowhere. It was so weird. But, we walked down around the point to where we only get to go if the water is just perfect.
We got set up and got in. Visibility for the first 70 ft was horrible. It was so cloudy that it was making me claustrophobic. But once I got out past the weird rip-tide, the water was perfect. I called to the others to hurry up and get out there. It was no sooner then the others showed up and we came into a school of huge parrot fish, some of the largest that I have seen. They were probably 5-6lbs and they were the nice blue kind. So we went after them but alas they were too good for us to get close enough with our pole spears(we need to get within about 2 ft to kill one). We fished for a bit and there were nice(2-3 lb) parrot fish everywhere. we got a few and were on track to get 3 or 4 more in the next 20 minutes that we had before the water got too dark. The sun was going down and I looked at Greg only to see him pointing frantically behind me. I turned to see a nice 5-6 ft barracuda about 10 ft behind me. the next thing I knew there he was right up on us. he swam about 3 ft from the end of my spear(which I had ready to spear his little brain). I tod myself that if he got any closer that I was going to stick him right behind his big black eye. He swam around us for a minute or two keeping a bit more distance between us. As soon as he was a little ways off we made a break for the shore. It was scary but not so bad as Greg and I both were ready to shoot if he didn't stay off out fish. I want to shoot a nice barracuda but i am reluctant to shoot him with a 5 ft. pole spear at the risk of making him (and his big sharp teeth) upset.

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