Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day one

Well, I have wanted to start this for a while now. I want to have an outlet for all of my adventures as I feel I have a few to share. I don’t want to share a lot of sissy thoughts or feelings, but more of my day to day goings on. Tales of the deep(spearfishing) classroom hubub and family stories. Living in the Caribbean is-for the most part-an interesting voyage. So do I have any pressing or good kickoff story to begin my days of blogging? no-not really, but I do have a thing or two to endulge upon in the next few days.
I have been studying medicine for a little while now and am currently in my third semester in the Caribbean. I am at SUSOM east of Puerto Rico. Why did I descide to come to a Caribbean Med school you might ask? well that is a great question. Right out of college I thought that I wanted to be a chiropractor and was very sure that I would not be interested in being a MD. I was wrong-flat wrong. I worked as fast as the government would allow and finished all my requirements a few months before I had been in chiropractic school 3 years. I was stoaked to have my DC and I was going to “rock the world” -well at least their atlas’s. But it didn’t take long for my young family and I to get a jolt of reality.
I moved to Denver and opened my own practice just in time for the “recession”. It wasn’t long before I realized that I wasn’t going to be helpng as may people as I had envisioned. Here I was at 27 with my doctorate and excited to have accomplished something and I felt more like a used car salesman then a doctor. I was miserable trying to convince patients that they needed my care. I knew that my skills had value but I was stressed to the max and not having fun in life.
I was talking to some friends who asked if I had ever thought about being a MD. I was taken back at the thought because for a chiropractor the words “medical doctor” are about as dirty of words as you can think let alone say. I was even more taken back that the thought of being an MD didn’t repulse me, as I thought it would. I did some research and found that I had all the requirements but one -the MCAT. It was Jan(last year) and I knew that in order to study for the MCAT and then apply to med school, I was looking at a year and a half wait to even begin. That would put me at 30 and just beginning a 7-8 year process. YIKES. So, after a bit of research I found that I could perhaps pursue a foreign school and I may be able to start sooner.
I began searching frantically for a way out of my contract and my practice in Denver. After a few weeks I had someone lined up to take over my spot. I told him that if he wanted my stuff, I would give it all to him if he would just replace me on my lease. I just wanted out! He agreed and I gave him all my stuff, on which I had spent 40k, and my family-Becky, Alden and Eli packed up all of our stuff and moved 4000 miles to a small caribbean island to start 4 more years of school.
Well, here we are 8 months later and much further in debt and enjoying life in the warm sea and sun. And I cant really speak for my wife, as I know she misses family and real shopping, but I really am enjoying things.

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