Monday, January 25, 2010

Dealing With Disappointment

Today was a sad day. First of all, the team that I REALLY wanted to win th Superbowl lost. The Vikings came out looking great then as the game came down to the wire they gave the game away. They had more then one chance to take the lead in the 4th quarter but gave the ball back to the Saints three times in field goal range(that I can think of off the top of my head). Also, all of yesterday the ocean was so perfect. There was no wind, and the water was so flat that the sky was reflecting off the surface. It was calm, so calm in fact that we could see where the currents were. Anyway, my friend and I decided that we were going to skip Psych and go out spearfishing. I was excited to get out in nice water. We haven't been out in nice water for about 5 months. I think that the last time we had that perfect of water was early October. I was going to try out our new under-water camera and everything. So I awoke this morning to a very blustery day. From our house (about 1000 ft above the water) I could see ginormous waves. From the moment I saw those ominous white-caps, I knew that the perfect day of spearfishing I had envisioned now seemed as far removed in the past as graduation seems in the future. I was crushed. It is a big blow to go from looking forward to a great day in the ocean one minute, to being faced with 4 hrs of the most boring thing you can imagine the next.
So when we got to immuno first thing she (we'll call her Dr. X) told us was that she had to go back to the US for a family emergency and that she was moving the rest of our immuno class to the end of the semester and moving micro up into its place. (sort of a schedule frame shift) So the whole class was excited to be so close to being done with immuno and Dr. X but alas she will come back and lecture us at the end of the semester. So that was a mixed bag of good and bad news. Sounds like bad news for her. I really don't think that she would go back in the middle of the semester if it wasn't a serious reason.
In neuro we had the teacher lecture with whom we had had some trouble. He hasn't been sticking to the schedule and we were behind for a lot of the first block because of it. We had cerebellum on tap for the day and I was optimistic coming in. So he showed up today and actually taught what was scheduled. He did stay on schedule but he just doesn't have a strong grasp of the material and that is a bit disheartening but, I can read the book if need be. Not that I own the book but, I can check it out for a week at a time from the pathetic school library. He really seemed to love the Vermis of the Cerebellum. he probably said that word 50 times in 2 hrs. he covered the anatomy well but the afferent and efferent tracts of the Cerebellum was a complete mess. The poor man means well but he just doesn't know the small details that we need to know to understand the goings on there. He has real world experience but he obviously has little academic experience.
The day did end on a good note. As I had mentioned earlier we were going to be in psych for 4 hrs this afternoon. But after only 2.5 hrs of absolute torture we were freed!

Just another day in a caribbean med school

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