Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fishin' at the cove

Saturday I spent the morning studying the nuclei of the brain stem. I don't quite have them all down yet but they are coming. I told Alden earlier this week that I would take him fishing on the weekend, and he either didn't forget or he was reminded by his mother, either way I needed to take him and try to get him a fish or two. He lasted about 15 minutes before he wanted to join his brother and mom in the warm caribbean water. But before he got side tracked he "caught" two little fish. One baby Parrot Fish and one baby Grouper. I continued to fish and had two good sized ones on but considering the great equipment to which I am privy, I thought I did well to hook them-if but briefly. So we spent the afternoon in the water and had a great time. It is kinda sad that the water is so glassy this morning because it hasn't been so for so long and I am dying for a good day of spear fishing so that I can put a few picts up here.

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